Koh Young SPI

On Demonstration: KohYoung 8030-3 SPI Machine

We have the KohYoung 8030-3 SPI Machine in our lab avalible for demo.  KohYoung Engineers are joining to walk you through a complete demonstration in the Assembly Products Applications Lab.

SPI systems measure the height and volume of the solder paste before the components are placed and the solder is re-flowed. When used properly, it can reduce the incidence of solder-related defects to statistically insignificant amounts. Critical to SPI measurements is the accuracy of volume measurement as it has a direct correlation with solder paste defects. Very small differences in measurements need to be picked up by the SPI machine algorithm especially when small outlined packages such as micro footprint lead-less devices, 0201s and uBGAs need to have their solder paste volume measured accurately. Accurate solder inspection helps not only the finished quality of the product, but also reduces the inspection time required, thereby, positively impacting productivity and therefore the manufacturing cost. This talk will address the issue of accuracy in very small solder paste volume deposits.

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