Cleaning Equipment

Assembly Products is the authorized technical sales representative for Stoelting cleaning systems for electronic applications for the six New England states.

STOELTING stainless steel and TREK polypropylene cleaners for the electronics assembly, surface mount, and semiconductor packaging industries feature rugged construction for longer service life, lower maintenance, chemical compatibility, and high heat capability.

The TREK SAWS (StandAlone Wash System) is the ideal system for manufacturers faced with conversion to lead free soldering processes where chemistry cleaning is required, but not supported by the current washer. SAWS is a SMEMA compatible module that can interface with any existing conveyorized washer, regardless of manufacturer.


  • Can interface with any existing conveyorized inline washer, regardless of manufacturer.
  • Provides chemistry cleaning capability to an existing cleaner that may not support a chemical wash process, or may have poor chemical isolation.
  • Provides a heated recirculated spray wash in addition to chemical isolation, turning any washer into a sophisticated chemistry compatible system.

LIQUID LOCK environmentally conscious cleaning technology can reduce power and chemistry consumption by up to 75%. The curtain containment system “locks” atomized spray in the wash chamber, eliminating the number one cause of chemical solution loss (atomized spray mist exhaust). In addition to locking in the vapor, LIQUID LOCK also locks in the heat.

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