Data I/O

Assembly Tools is an authorized representative for Data I/O equipment. Please contact us to learn more about this equipment.

PSV7000 - The Ultimate in Flexibility
Concurrently installed media options - Supports all Data I/O's software applications - Ergonomic Design for easy access - World's fastest programming system (up to 2,000 parts per hour)

No mechanical changeover - Optimized Algorithms & Universal Device Support - Small & Large Parts Handling - Scalable up to 24 programmers for 96 sockets

Entry level models PSV3000 & PSV5000 also available.


FlashPAK Family - Highest Quality Manual Programming

The FlashPAK III is the world’s most trusted manual desktop gang programmer.

Global and regional electronics manufacturers have trusted the FlashPAK III to program millions of devices in products we use everyday. The FlashPAK III is meticulously designed with the same attention to detail, quality and reliability that Da


RoadRunner Family - The world's only just-in-time inline programming system

The RoadRunner family streamlines the manufacturing process, reduces cost and minimizes operator errors for a lean manufacturing process.

Features:  Just-in-time programming. Manages last minute code changes with ease. Reduces Operator Errors with Factory Integration Software for RoadRunner3.


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