Fluid Dispensing Valves

Assembly Products carries Nordson ASYMTEK's diverse line of fluid dispensing valves, designed for precise applications of different materials during manufacturing.

Valve - DP-3000 Linear Pump

Nordson ASYMTEK's DP-3000 is a servo-controlled, positive displacement pump compatible with encapsulants, adhesives, and thermal compounds.

The DP-3000 is a linear pump designed and manufactured exclusively by Nordson ASYMTEK to meet the requirements for high-volume dispensing applications during production.  Performance accuracy and speed of volume deposition is precisely maintained for applications ranging from very large BGA to very small flip chip die.

Valve - DV-01 Syringe Valve

Nordson ASYMTEK's DV-01 is a basic time pressure valve compatible with adhesives, solder masks, solder pastes, epoxies, and encapsulants.

The DV-01 Syringe Valve is ideal for small-volume, general purpose dispensing. It supports short work life fluid formulations and allows small quantities to be dispensed during production. In addition, set-up routines and overall versatility make it an excellent choice for process development and future dispensing needs. It has high chemical resistance and is compatible with a variety of fluid formulations.

Valve - DV-02 Pinch Tube Valve

Nordson ASYMTEK's DV-02 is compatible with solder pastes and adhesives and is ideal to use when positive shutoff is required and time-pressure dispensing is acceptable.

The DV-02 design utilizes a plastic tube as the valve mechanism. In the 'valve off' state, the tube is pinched closed by a plastic plunger. When signaled to open with the 'valve on' command, the plunger is forced back by way of a pneumatic cylinder.

Valve - DV-03HPA High Pressure Valve with Suckback

Nordson ASYMTEK's DV-03HPA is a compact, air-actuated balanced spool valve with stainless steel construction that is compatible with RTV silicones, greases, and structural adhesives.

The DV-03HPA offers excellent process flexibility and is ideal for applying high-viscosity fluids that require high dispense pressures.


Valve - DV-05A Diaphragm Valve with Suckback

Nordson ASTYMTEK’s DV-05A is a highly chemical resistant, air-actuated diaphragm poppet valve compatible with adhesives, conformal coatings, non-acid fluxes, lubricants, and solder masks.

The DV-05A valve dispenses medium to medium-high viscosity fluids and is appropriate for a variety of applications.

Valve - DV-07 Adjustable Liquid Metering Valve

Nordson ASYMTEK's DV-07 is a normally closed, air-actuated diaphragm valve compatible with fluxes, reagents, adhesives, and paints.

The DV-07 dispenses low to medium viscosity fluids for a variety of applications from microdots to volume fill.

Valve - DV-09 Needle Valve

Nordson ASYMTEK's DV-09 is an air-operated, adjustable needle valve compatible with UV cure adhesives, silicone oils, fluxes, inks, accelerators, solvents, and mercury.

The DV-09 dispenses low viscosity fluids for a variety of applications from a fraction of a microliter up to continuous stripes.

Valve - DV-7000 Heli-Flow Pump

Nordson ASYMTEK's DV-7000 Heli-Flow® pump is an encoded auger pump with a floating head designed to make fast, repeatable dots of solder pastes, silver epoxies, and surface mount adhesives.

The DV-7000 Heli-Flow® Pump is available in a luer- or footed-needle design with interchangeable cartridges, allowing each pump to work with several different fluid types.

Valve - DV-8000C Heli-Flow Pump

Nordson ASYMTEK's DV-8000C Heli-Flow® pump is an encoded auger pump with a fixed head designed for high-speed lines of solder pastes, encapsulants, silver epoxies, and thermal interface materials

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