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We have a wide range of fluid dispensing solutions from Nordson ASYMTEK in the lab and available for demo.  Colin is happy to set up a demonstration for your specific application. Please contact us to learn more about.


The DispenseMate® Series brings new dispensing power to a compact package. In a benchtop format, many of today’s advanced automated dispensing features are available. Two models are offered with different work envelopes. The 583 model range of motion is 325 x 325 mm, and the 585 model is 525 x 525 mm.

Available for Demo


Nordson ASYMTEK's Spectrum® II system is the world's most popular fully-automated fluid dispenser for highest quality and yield through industry-leading dispense accuracy and process controls.

The world-class precision and quality Spectrum® II system for assembly of mobile electronics, semiconductors, MEMS, and PCBs.

ASYMTEK leverages over 30 years of experience with precision fluid delivery in the design refinements of the Spectrum II system to maximize their customers’ profitability with a small footprint, high productivity system that is also highly scalable and easily adapted to a wide variety of dispensing applications.

Available for Demo


Helios SD-960 Large Volume Fluid Dispensing System

The Helios™ SD-960 Series is developed for medium to large volume dispensing applications in Electronics Assembly, including Thermal Interface Material (TIM), Potting, Gasketing and Sealing.

The new Helios™ SD-960 Series (SD-960) handles a broad range of single- and two-component applications including Potting, Sealing, Gasketing, and Structural Adhesives. The system supports highly abrasive Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs), silicones, epoxies, and grease.


Quantum Q-6800 High-Value Fluid Dispensing System

Nordson ASYMTEK's in-line and batch Quantum® systems deliver uncompromising quality, value and productivity for demanding fluid dispensing applications

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