Panasonic Process Automation Equipment

Assembly Products carries Panasonic equipment for electronic assembly.

Panasonic offers highly reliable electronics assembly equipment for the surface mount technology (SMT), pin through hole (PTH), and microelectronics back-end packaging processes of any-mix circuit manufacturing. From screen printers and dispensing, component placement and inspection, to axial and radial insertion, die bonding, die attach and flip chip, we provide quality equipment that is used all over the world to produce the latest technology.

From one-machine installs to installations of over 1,000, Panasonic flexible, modular machines support a variety of technologies including package on package (POP), chip on board (COB), system on package (SOP), 3D packaging, epoxy die attach, Thermo-Compression (TC) and Thermo-Sonic (TS) processing, plasma RIE surface cleaning, plasma ICP etching, and thin wafer plasma dicing. Additionally they offer automated equipment for odd form placement and end of line work.

Panasonic knows that to remain viable in today’s industry, manufacturers need scalable, integrated, and efficient solutions. That’s why Panasonic’s total solutions include and extend beyond our equipment. By synergistically uniting the talents of software, engineering, and after-market support, they're able to provide your company with an array of solutions from training, parts, technical support and service to MES software, calibration and certification, engineering services, custom systems and complete enterprise consulting.

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