Product Lines

Dispensing and Coating Equipment
For electronics, semiconductor and industrial assembly. World leaders inpotting, jetting, underfill and conformal coating.  Available for Demo in our Lab!


Benchtop Fluid Dispensing

The DispenseMate® Series brings new dispensing power to a compact package. In a benchtop format, many of today’s advanced automated dispensing features are available.Two models are offered with different work envelopes. The 583 model range of motion is 325 x 325 mm, and the 585 model is 525 x 525 mm.

X-Ray Inspection Systems

Rework Solutions

VJ Electronix (VJE) provides manual and fully automated inspection systems for SMT Rework systems, X-ray Inspection Systems, and X-ray based component counting for industry leading companies around the world.

Data I/O

Data I/O is the world’s leading provider of manual and automated security provisioning and device programming systems for Flash, Microcontroller and Logic devices. Data I/O develops innovative solutions to enable the design and manufacture of electronic products for automotive, Internet-of-Things, medical, wireless, consumer electronics, industrial controls and other markets.  Customers use Data I/O's security provisioning and programming solutions to reliably, securely and cost-effectively bring innovative new products to life.

3D AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
3D SPI (Solder Paste Inspection)

True patented 3D volume measurement systems. Highest accuracy andrepeatability with no shadows or specular problems.  Available for Demo in our Lab!

SMT Pick & Place, Screen Printing and Through-Hole Insertion.

Manufacturing automation equipment, solutions, MES software and support for Any Mix / Any Volume.


Cleaning Systems.

Inline and batch systems for electronic, medical, precision and industrial applications. Trek invented the liquid lock system that saves customers 50% in chemical costs.

Soldering Stations for hand and robotic application, Fume Extraction.

Optimal soldering iron technology guaranteed, whatever the application. Soldering technology is packed with precision, innovation and quality. Available for Demo in our Lab!


High Precision hand tools for electronics assembly

Erem cutting tools deliver the very best results without compromise. For every application. A tool built to last a lifetime. ---- Made in Switzerland



Precision Hand Tools that Set the Standard.

Industry-known tool kits, nut drivers, cutters, and pliers have long been favorites of electronics technicians and the electronics service industry.



Leak Testers and Precision Metering Pumps.

The Isaac HD is particularly well-suited for such air leak tests as Pressure decay, Vacuum decay, Mass flow, Pressure cracking, Burst pressure and Valve cracking pressure. Available for Demo in our Lab!

The VMP is a patented, automated variable metering pump used for fluid dispensing and metering the volume is automatically adjustable from mLs to uLs. Available for Demo in our Lab!


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