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SRT Micra

The SRT Micra provides rapid RF shield removal that minimizes thermal migration to sensitive components beneath. Micro-Scavenging removes residual solder from the largest asymmetrical RF Shield’s land to the smallest, tightly spaced micro-passive pads.

The Micra hosts the ultra-flexible SierraMate™ V9 rework software, providing a new icon driven user interface and SRT’s new AutoRun™ automatic process set-up. V9 further simplifies process definition and assures consistent, repeatable results while minimizing training and profiling.

Summit 750i

Semi-Automatic Rework System - The Summit 750i is a Rework system specifically designed to satisfy the needs of users who demand high performance and advanced process control at an affordable price. Incorporating features normally only found on much higher priced equipment, the Summit 750i utilizes the proprietary SierraMate™ Windows® software with its Auto Profile and user friendly “1-2-3-Go” graphical user interface. The new digital control system insures maximum control over all thermal, optical and mechanical functions of the system. The new 750i incorporates proven features and benefits common to all Summit systems plus introduces state-of the-art innovations to address the latest industry advancements and challenges.

Summit LXi

Unlike other large board systems that are adapted
versions of standard systems, the Summit LXi
platform is the only rework system designed from
the ground up to rework large boards.
The LXi’s new enhanced control system eliminates
the affects of facility variations and supports more
precise calibration, allowing process parameters
to be readily shared between systems in multiple

Summit 1800i

The Summit 1800i is the latest in the popular Summit
series. Carrying forward the leading heating capacity,
throughput, repeatability, and reliability of the Summit
1800, the Summit 1800i offers added performance
and flexibility.
Redesigned component placement provides improved
performance for micro passive devices and connectors.
With up to 80mm Field of View, the Summit 1800i meets
rework need for today and many years to come.

Summit 2200

VJ Electronix delivers the Summit 2200 highly Automated
Rework system. Developed by SRT and further refined by
VJ Electronix, the 2200 is the industry’s most advanced
Rework system. The Summit 2200 Rework system
provides programmable features tailored specifically to
address high volume Rework.

Proprietary SierraMate™ Windows® based software
provides an easy to use “1-2-3-Go” graphical user
interface, featuring intuitive programming and Auto
Profile. The 2200 is “production ready” with many
standard features, providing superior value and superior


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