Spectrum II Precision Fluid Dispensing

Spectrum II S2-900 Precision Fluid Dispensing System

The world-class precision and quality Spectrum® II system for assembly of mobile electronics, semiconductors, MEMS, and PCBs

  • Consistent machine quality and reliability with the world's preferred, fully-automated fluid dispensing system
  • High board density and minimal wet-out distances enabled by market-leading total system wet dispense accuracy
  • Production quality is assured by Nordson ASYMTEK's patented closed-loop process controls
  • Reduce manufacturing costs with higher throughput from precision dual-simultaneous dispensing
  • Easily switch between multiple dispensing applications with the highly scalable, modular design


"Dispensing underfill in-line with the Spectrum II reduces manual handling and gives a more uniform result, a more efficient SMD manufacturing process, and better yield." - Mr. Elvin Solberg, Manufacturing Engineering Manager for ReSound

Nordson ASYMTEK continues to set the industry standard with the Spectrum II automated fluid dispensing system. ASYMTEK leverages over 30 years of experience with precision fluid delivery in the design refinements of the Spectrum II system to maximize their customers’ profitability with a small footprint, high productivity system that is also highly scalable and easily adapted to a wide variety of dispensing applications. The low mass, highly accurate motion system leads the market in achieving total system X-Y wet dispense accuracy and integrates precision Z-axis control to ensure consistent line widths when dispensing with single or dual simultaneous valves. Higher consistency leads to higher yield and higher yield leads to maximum profitability. New features and upgrade options for the Spectrum II systems continue to expand upon the wide range of applications. Whether it is dispensing underfill in PCBA applications, precise coating on mobile electronics and flexible circuits, solder paste sealing lines, or hot melt adhesive in case assembly applications, Spectrum II fluid dispensers are the globally preferred systems for mass production.

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